Video: Fidele @girl.inrealife / Solitude and Sensuality

Founder of GIRL @girls.inrealife created these very inspiring videos capturing her own perception of loneliness and sensuality. Both videos are absolutely electrifying!

A hey-ethical campaign for #chanel. What loneliness and love looks like , with heartbeat right in the middle , a bottle of perfume getting thrown in slow motion to imitate a heartbeat, at the center of events and every heartache.”

Team credits
Video in the centre shot by GIRL @girls.inrealife // Website and Instagram
Video in the background Charlotte Cardin – Like It Doesnt Hurt (edited by GIRL @girls.inrealife)
Song / WET- don’t want to be your girl

Illusionary campaign for #chanel perfume to show the style of content i would create as an artist. 
Videos of bottle droppings with pink background is the only one i own videos are not mine song: La roux-le me down gently.”

– GIRL editor & creator ig @girls.inrealife