Jean Russet Saperlipopette Magazine Photo Sarah Burton

Poetry: Jean Russet / Spacey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein.
Kevin Spacey.
Just a few we know.
More soon maybe.
You took advantage.
Made your advances.
Dirty deeds covered up.

Because of high status.
What you did was wrong.
I’m afraid there’s more guilty.
Drunken deeds done lustfully.
Perverted acts so disgusting.
Looked in the mirror at mankind.
Had stones in their hands.
Poised to throw at your heads.
Volleyed them towards you.
And boomeranged back on themselves.

Wasted at that college party.
Trashed at the corner bar.
Ask women their stories.
They’ll tell you they’ve been grabbed before.

They’ll tell you what happens in the dark.
Maybe they never told any.
But they have been disrepected plenty.
Time to bring it to an ending.

Words by Jean Russet
Find him on his website and on Instagram

Photo credits / Sarah Burton