Poetry: Jean Russet / Shatter The Patriarchy

Shatter the patriarchy by Jean Russet

Shatter the patriarchy.
Justice for all to see.
No longer held back.
Right where she’s supposed to be.

See her break out.
No longer shackled by society.
Towering over a room full of men.
Unfazed by any hostility.
She embraced the passive aggressiveness.

Her resilience was limitless
And the attempts to strangle her talent,
by small men full of cowardice,
were ultimately thwarted and suppressed.
Now they are empty and depressed.

The ones who didn’t want to see her shine,
could not realize the sun had set,
on the time when they had no competition,
and freely aborted her ambition.
The bitter arrows they shot have missed.
Their pulpit now has a woman in it.
And she will fulfill all her purposes.
And all her dreams and all her wishes.

And the world will be better off for it,
as she realizes her mission,
and a decaying world order
is replaced by the new edition.

Words by Jean Russet
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Photo credits / Fanny Latour Lambert