Poetry: Jean Russet / How It Should Be

My mind couldn’t assemble a phrase.
It was a moment I had anticipated for many days,
but when it finally came,
the dark platform we stood upon
illuminated with a white light enveloping us,
and we stood there alone on the stage.
I looked into your eyes,
and I struggled to find the words to say.
You invited me to come closer, so I walked towards.
Your eyes like dark pearls.
I’d never seen any like yours.
Those effulgent pristine gems reflected every emotion.
Your door opened, and I walked in.
My hand clasped yours, and our minds’ began floating.
Bodies drawn to each other like magnets attracting.
Your heart’s beating against my chest.
Close enough to feel the moistness of your breath.
The softness of our lips touching.
Now we’re here together dancing.
And we know everything the other’s feeling.
You understand me, and I understand you perfectly.
And as you fall into me, no words are necessary.

Words by Jean Russet
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